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2021 ATI TEAS Blueprint Update: An Overview.

The ATI TEAS (Version 7) will now be released in June 2022.  Please continue to check this site for updates as we continue to enhance the new ATI TEAS 7 proctored exam. To help you prepare, we’ve created an Executive Summary of the findings that will drive the changes to this blueprint update, as well as a comparison chart of the current and future blueprints.

ATI recently conducted research with subject matter experts in nursing education, math, science, reading, and English to ensure the blueprint reflects evolving Common Core State Standards, nursing, and allied health program criteria. These experts were recruited nationally and represent all program types.

This intensive, multi-phased research project began during Summer 2020 and was completed in early 2021.

During its 20-year existence, the TEAS has undergone 6 blueprint reviews and revisions. The current blueprint was developed in 2015, released in 2016, and has proven to be a reliable admissions tool.

Specifically, nursing and allied health programs have relied on it to:

  • Evaluate applicants’ academic preparedness for nursing studies
  • Reduce attrition
  • Increase student retention.

Read the ATI TEAS, Version 7 Executive Summary

Frequently Asked Questions:

The ATI TEAS 7 will launch in June 2022

All institutions will be automatically switched to the new blueprint. This will be done with little disruption to clients via a seamless process on the backend.  To aid with the transition, we will be providing a helpful Transition Toolkit, as well as provide support to TEAS registrants. These resources, when available and communicated in late spring / early summer.

The exam will continue to have 150 scored items with 20 pre-test items. Refer to the comparison table above for the full breakdown.

Yes, because we are maintaining scale continuity between blueprints, you will be able to keep your current cut score.

Each time we update a blueprint, we have the opportunity to change the underlying statistical scale that produces reported scores or to keep that underlying statistical scale the same through the content changes.

Based upon empirical evidence, including a data analysis of TEAS assessments as well as judgments from content experts familiar with health science fields and TEAS content, ATI has decided to keep the statistical scale the same for ATI TEAS, Version 7. This means that the scores for ATI TEAS (2016 blueprint) are comparable to scores on the ATI TEAS, Version 7 (2021 blueprint) and your admissions criteria can remain the same. Scale continuity will make score use, interpretation, and longitudinal tracking easier for TEAS users.

It is up to the institution to determine the length of time they will accept transcripts for students who tested prior to October 2021 without having students retest.

ATI TEAS will continue to be reported as adjusted percent correct scores, (for example 58.7%).

To keep you informed, this site will be the best place to gather details on the launch of the new ATI TEAS, including more information about the rigorous process behind the blueprint update, and helpful transition materials to guide both your program and your applicants.

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2021 State of Admissions

Explore the resources below for a picture of the current state of admissions and the impact of the ATI TEAS on programs throughout the country.

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